Since You Asked…

I grew up in Riverside, California. We didn’t have a bunch of money, but between the road trips and free train trips (both of my parents worked for Amtrak) across the country, I developed a passion for experiencing new places. I didn’t get out of the country though until I studied abroad in college (shout out UC Santa Barbara & Semester At Sea!). WOOOOAAAH that was cool! It broadened and deepened my world view, and I’ve been searching for (and finding) affordable ways to travel ever since.

What’s really important to me is that I not only continue to have these experiences, but that I share them. I want to be able to spread awareness of some of the amazing things the world has to offer and challenge people like me to push on the boundaries of their comfort zone–even if just a little. There aren’t a lot of stories in the media about black people traveling, and I want to give a depiction of what that can look/be like. Then, I wanna talk about it with someone. So read on! Peep some of my thoughts and hit me in the comments section with yours!

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