What Ideas Do YOU Have?

First thing’s first…

Thanks to those of you who have been reading/following along! It’s definitely appreciated and cool to see.

This post won’t be like the others I’ve written so far. I’m curious…

I was talking with one of my good friends (shout out Jaci!) the other day about random aspects of my blog, and at one point she brought up an experience I had a while back that I totally forgot about. “Oooh yeah. I SHOULD write about that huh?” Well that made me wonder: What other things COULD I write about that I’m just not remembering or thinking about?

Here’s where I’d like some help…

What are some travel-related experiences, topics, or questions you’d want to hear about from my perspective?


What are some travel-related things YOU’D like to write about?

I actually really would like to hear your thoughts and ideas, so please drop ‘em in the comments below or message me privately!

Or, ya know…don’t. That’s cool too.

Looking forward to it,


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